New Nokia TA-1095 spotted at European Certification agency alongside the Nokia TA-1080

As we get closer to the Nokia Mobile launch event  that will be held in Russia on May 29th, we are frequently getting to see new Nokia phones passing various certifications. Now it is the phones with model numbers TA-1080 and TA-1095.

We already saw TA-1075, TA-1105, and TA-1116 pass the Russian certification earlier this month. Now TA-1080 and TA-1095 have passed the European certification. TA-1080 along with four other variants (TA-1092, TA-1084, TA-1093, and TA-1086) was also spotted at Bluetooth SIG yesterday, revealing that it has Bluetooth 4.2 and thus we assumed it to be a mid-range device possibly a Nokia 3.1 or Nokia 5.1.

Another device with model number TA-1095 was also spotted at the European certification agency and this is the first time we get to see this device as it hasn't been spotted on any other certification agencies yet. TA-1095 might be a completely different device and is not the variant of devices that were spotted at Bluetooth SIG. As we don't have much information on this device we don't want to speculate what this device could be.

Below are the screenshots showing TA-1080 and TA-1095 listed at European certification agency.



Nokia Mobile is expected to launch new Nokia phones in Russia next week and we are expecting them to announce the Nokia 3.1, Nokia 5.1 and the global variant of Nokia X6. TA-1080 and TA-1095 could be amongst them and we will soon get to know about it once the devices are officially launched. 

Via - 91Mobiles