One winner of the Snake tournament gets the Nokia G42 5G.

As you already know, the old Nokia community forum has been shut down and a new community for Nokia/HMD is being formed over at Discord. The community is continuously growing at a steady pace and HMD is pretty active in participating with the users. There have been regular events happening in the community to keep the engagement going and the latest event is for all the Snake lovers out there. HMD is hosting a Snake Tournament and one top-scoring player will win the Nokia G42 5G.

Playing Snake on a Nokia phone can bring back many memories of the past. It was a goto mobile game for many in the era of the Nokia 3310 to pass their free time. So, if you were once a pro at playing Snake and can still crush the leaderboard here's your chance to win. But, there's a catch. This Snake is different than the original game that we once played on our classic Nokia phones. This is Snek and it is too hard to handle. Participants will have to play this in their browsers on a PC. The tournament has already begun on 15th December and the top 3 scorers till 18th December will enter the final that's held on 19th December. Check out the event details below.

Participants will have to take a screenshot of their highest score along with the date and time visible and post it in the dedicated channel to register themselves. So far the top scorer has 175 points. I have beaten the top score by scoring 303 points. Think you can beat my score? Come join the fun over at the new Discord community: Join the Snake Tournament. Let's Play Snake!