[Video] Check out the cancelled Nokia 235 feature phone prototype running on buttery smooth YunOS based on Android

Nokia 235 Cancelled Prototype
Image Source: Hikari_Calyx

Nokia features phones run on three different types of operating systems. The basic Nokia feature phones with 2G connectivity run on Series 30+ software which is a simple and snappy to use, then come the premium phones like the Nokia 8110 4G, the Nokia 2720 Fold and Nokia 800 Tough which fall under the smart feature phone category and run on KaiOS which supports WhatsApp, Facebook and many other apps which can be downloaded from the inbuilt app store and the third type of OS is Feature OS which supports 4G connectivity but is very basic and doesn't have many apps. Nokia 220 4G is powered by Feature OS.

Nokia Mobile launched the Nokia 3310 4G in China and this phone was powered by China-centric YunOS which is based on Android. Now, Hikari_Calyx got his hands on a cancelled Nokia prototype feature phone named Nokia 235 which according to him was to be released alongside the Nokia 3310 4G but was cancelled. This phone too runs on the YunOS which is based on Android 4.4.4 which is pretty old but this is the snappiest smart feature phone I have ever seen. You can check out the video below to know how smooth and fluid the phone performs.

This cancelled Nokia 235 is powered by a Unisoc SC9820E Dual-Core processor, has 256MB RAM and 512MB of storage. The display as seen in the video is pretty big and could be around 2.8" in size just like the Nokia 230 feature phone. We don't know how the back design looks like as Hikari Calyx received the prototype without the back panel.

If you remember, Nokia Mobile was working on an Android feature phone codenamed Iron GAFP. WiFi certification data also revealed a phone named Nokia 400 4G carrying the model number TA-1208 back in January. This phone ran on a Proprietary OS with version name specified as GAFP. The phone no more appears in the search results on the WiFi Alliance website.

Nokia Mobile has cancelled its plans to launch Android feature phones. 
When asked about the possibility of Android-based Nokia feature phones, Juho Sarvikas in a recent interview to Indian Express said “We have partnered with KaiOS and I am actually less concerned with the operating system in question. I’m looking at the usability,” He further added “What you want to make sure is to provide a great experience and then also deliver modern applications such as Google Maps, Facebook or WhatsApp. I’m not sure why, why I would do Android on feature phones.” This is a clear indication that we won't be seeing any Nokia feature phones powered by Android and the plans have been cancelled.

I personally don't see KaiOS in its current form as a great experience when it comes to usability. The phones powered by KaiOS give a choppy experience and feel slow when you use them. Even the apps are slow and it would be better to recommend someone a Nokia 1.3 over the KaiOS based feature phones.

The first thing a feature phone user will want is a snappy phone and the cancelled Nokia 235 prototype is exactly that with a modern touch. KaiOS 3.0 will come in 2021 and is said to improve many things so we will have to see how well the new version of the smart feature phone OS performs. Nokia Mobile will soon release new 4G feature phones and one of them codenamed Nokia Leo Basic could be powered by KaiOS.

What do you think about Android-powered feature phones? Do you care more about the OS that's powering your feature phone or how well the phone performs? Share your thoughts in the comments below. :)