Try the latest Google Camera Go app on your low-end Nokia Android smartphones

Camera Go on Nokia 1.3

Google's Camera Go application was launched with the Nokia 1.3 last month. The camera app is developed by Google for low-end Android Go smartphones with an aim to improve the camera performance on such low hardware. Right since the announcement, many were excited to try this Camera Go app on their devices and the time has finally come.

Thanks to Vicent who manages the Nokia OTA Repository channel on Telegram for sharing the extracted Camera Go APK with us. We had to sign the app to install it. Do note that the app can only be installed on devices running on Android Oreo and above. To those who fell for our April fools day prank - No, this isn't a fake app that we shared as an April Fools Day joke 😅. This is a 100% working Camera Go app.😊

Keeping Android Go devices in mind, the file size is very small at just around 12 MB and after installing the app only takes around 24 MB of storage space. The UI is simple and straightforward with just four modes - Portrait, Camera, Video and Translate. The main highlighting feature of this app is the Portrait mode which allows such low-end devices to click photos with artificial bokeh which is a growing trend these days in mobile photography. I tried the app on Nokia 2.3. It works flawlessly but I noticed that in portrait mode Nokia 2.3's stock Nokia camera performs better than the Camera Go app. 

However, we should consider that Camera Go is designed for devices that are almost half the price of Nokia 2.3 and come with even lower specifications. Also, this is the 1st version of the Camera Go app and we should expect it to improve with future updates. Below are some screenshots of the Camera Go's User Interface.

Screenshots from Left to Right - Photo Mode, Video Mode and Translate Mode

Screenshot from Left to Right - Portrait Mode and Settings available in Photo Mode

The app also shows the estimated amount of photos you can click and also the duration of videos you can record before you run out of space. The settings option only allows users to set Flash, Timer and turn on Face Enhance which is Beauty mode. There are no extra features as of now but maybe with time, Google will update the app and hopefully will also add more features. The Camera Go app is light and should perform very well on low-end devices which is the most important thing here. 

You can download the signed Camera Go app from the link below and try it on your Nokia or any other Android smartphones.

Download Link - Camera Go

If you own a Nokia 1, Nokia 1 Plus, Nokia 2 (running on Oreo), and Nokia 2.1 this app is highly recommended for you all. Do share your experience in the comments below. :)