Android 10 rollout for Nokia 4.2 begins. Update rolling out in 43 approved markets

It's raining Android 10 updates for Nokia smartphones. After releasing the big update for the Nokia 7.2 and the Nokia 3.2, Nokia Mobile just rolled out the update for the Nokia 4.2 as well. Just like the Android 10 update for the Nokia 3.2, the update for Nokia 4.2 is released in Waves as well.

In its first wave, the Android 10 update is being rolled out to Nokia 4.2 in 43 Approved markets. 10% of these markets will get the update today, 50% of these markets will receive the update by 12th April. The update rollout will reach 100% markets on 14th April. 

Below is the full list of Approved Markets where the update has started rolling out. See if your country is on the list below:

Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Cambodia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Laos, Latvia, Libya, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, USA, Yemen.

Do note that Nokia 4.2 users in France using Orange won't get the update as it seems to pending approval. You should check out full details on how approved markets and Waves work on Nokia Community forum.

Nokia 4.2 receiving Android 10 update with March 2020 Android Security Patch
Nokia 4.2 - Android 10 update with March 2020 Android Security Patch

The update for Nokia 4.2 is 1.38 GB in size and along with Android 10, the update includes the March 2020 Android Security patch. This update includes new gestures for navigation, smart reply feature, more control on privacy and permission setting of different apps and location access, Dark Mode and many other under the hood improvements that should make the phone run smooth.

If you have updated your Nokia 4.2 to Android 10 then you should definitely share your experience good or bad with other Nokia 4.2 users on the Nokia Community forum. You can share it in the comments below as well. :)