Nokia 4-Port wall charger launched. Now charge four devices at the same time

A new charging accessory named Nokia 4-Port Wall Charger (AC-301) has silently been launched by Nokia Mobile. As the name suggests, this new wall charger can charge up to four devices at the same time. 

Nokia 4-Port Wall Charger is compatible with any USB cables and can charge devices that support micro USB or the USB Type-C cables. The maximum power output of the charger is 20 watts. The power output is 10 watts per port when two ports are in use and falls down to 5 watts per port when all four ports are in use. As seen in the image below, the charger also has a blue LED indicator which lights up and indicates the port in use.

The Nokia 4-Port Wall Charger is already available in India from the official Nokia Mobile online shop for a price of Rs. 1799/-.