VIDEO | Nokia Kataya - A phone with the coolest UI in action

Images of an old Nokia prototype device named Kataya popped up on the internet last month running on an unknown operating system. The images of the Nokia Kataya gave us a glimpse of what Nokia had been creating behind the closed walls. This beautiful device and the operating system never saw the launch stage but certain elements of this device can be seen in other Nokia smartphones launched later on.

The images just showed us how the device and its UI look but we couldn't know how the device operates without a hands-on video demo. So, here we have the video showing the Nokia Kataya. The video isn't in high resolution but we can see some really nice looking animations. Right from the lock screen to opening and closing different apps the UI animations look very fluid and interesting. You can check it out in the video below.

The video isn't in high quality but we also got some more images of the Nokia Kataya which are of higher quality and give us a closer look and reveal a bit more about this prototype Nokia device from the past.

The above image of the phone gives us a much clear view of the pillow-like back design same as we saw on many Lumias and later the X Series smartphones. There are several other images giving us a glimpse of many UI elements like the lock screen UI, multitasking window, and the inbuilt MP3 player (images below).

One of the images revealed Nokia Kataya's interesting as well as a futuristic feature for its time and that is Voice Interaction. The box in which Nokia Kataya ships has a text which reads "activate voice interaction by touching this text with the back of the device". We don't know what all was possible to do with voice commands but the method to activate this feature is pretty cool. The box has some kind of a circuit beneath the upper layer which can be seen in the image below.

At the side of the box, we can see a Qt logo with the text Built on Krakatau. Qt is used to design GUI and it is possible that Krakatau could be the name of the UI which was based on Qt. It is sad to see such a device never being launched but there must be some reason for it which we will never be able to know about. 

Would you buy a Nokia Kataya if it was launched in the present day? Share your thoughts about the Kataya in the comments below :)

Thanks to Nguyễn Thịnh for sending us the video and images of the beautiful and futuristic Nokia Kataya.