Video | Nokia 9 PureView shows its camera potential in the right hands

Nokia 9 PureView made headlines with its FIVE Cameras (SIX if you count the ToF sensor) at the time of launch but many reviews didn't take into account the full potential of those cameras and its capabilities like shooting RAW images. Surely, this isn't a phone for everyone and is aimed at enthusiasts who prefer to play with large RAW files in post-processing software and it would be best to know how the camera on Nokia 9 PureView performs from such people.

Tech YouTuber Mattias Burling just released an interesting video titled "5 Reasons to buy a Nokia 9 PureView". As you can already guess by the name, he shares 5 reasons why you should purchase the Nokia 9 PureView. Not all reasons will entice everyone but the main reason to buy the Nokia 9 PureView would be same for all and that is the cameras. 

He used the Nokia 9 PureView to capture images in RAW format and later edited it. He found the dynamic range to be excellent for a phone and he is also amazed by the possibility to capture Monochrome images in RAW format which is last did on a $4000 Leica M9-Monochrome. As per him, Nokia 9 PureView takes mobile photography to the next level.

Watch the video below to see how one with a good knowledge of post-processing can make wonders using the Nokia 9 PureView.

Now, not everyone would be interested in editing images on their PC or phone using different editing apps and it is for a very limited few. What are your thoughts about the cameras on the Nokia 9 PureView? Share them in the comments below. :)