Nokia Starlord and Nokia Daredevil appear on Geekbench

As we get closer to the Nokia Mobile launch event held in Berlin we will see more and more info about upcoming Nokia smartphones pop up on the internet. Just yesterday, two unreleased Nokia smartphones appeared in the Geekbench listings. One device is just named as Starlord and another goes by the name Nokia 7.2 Daredevil.

Nokia Starlord geekbench
Nokia Starlord

Geekbench listing reveals both Nokia Starlord and Nokia 7.2 Daredevil have a Snapdragon 660 processor but there is a difference in the base frequency. The SD660 processor on Starlord is underclocked at 1.61GHz as compared to 1.84GHz on the Nokia 7.2 Daredevil. Nokia 7.2 Daredevil is a more powerful device and comes with 6GB RAM as compared to just 3GB RAM on Nokia Starlord. All this directly reflects in the Geekbench scores achieved by both devices and we can clearly see Nokia 7.2 Daredevil has a higher score.

Nokia 7.2 Daredevil Geekbench
Nokia 7.2 Daredevil

As per the geekbench listings, we are looking at the Nokia 7.2 Daredevil powered by SD660 and as the Starlord is powered by the same but slightly underclocked chip it could possibly be the Nokia 6.2. Many rumours also suggest that both the Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2 share the same design and will come with a 48MP main camera. We will have to wait for the official launch to find out what's hiding behind the curtain.

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