Prices of Nokia 6.1 Plus, Nokia 2.1 and Nokia 1 slashed in India

Nokia Mobile has officially cut the prices of its Nokia 1, Nokia 2.1 and the Nokia 6.1 plus 6GB RAM variant in India. Nokia 1 and Nokia 2.1 got Rs.1000/- reduced from their original pricing and the price of Nokia 6.1 plus 6 GB RAM variant was cut by Rs.1500/-. Below is the list with new prices.

Old Price
Price Cut
New Price

The new pricing for all three phones is great. Especially the price of Nokia 1 which makes it the cheapest budget smartphone from a reputable brand. The price has already gone further down on Flipkart. Nokia 1 can now be purchased on Flipkart for just Rs.3699/- which is a crazy good price for such a nice device.

Nokia 2.1 at Rs.5499/- is a nice buy if you are looking for a big screen, big battery, dual speakers that you will be using for listening to music and watching movies. The price has already fallen down on amazon but it is still a bit higher than the new price but I expect it to be available for a bit less price just on different online marketplaces. The new price of Nokia 6.1 plus 6GB RAM variant also makes it a much more attractive deal compared to the older price.

This price cut could be a sign that the new Nokia smartphones launched at MWC 2019 could be making their way to India soon. Let's hope that the new phones go on sale in India in the coming weeks. :)

You can check all the devices and their Official pricing on the Nokia Website.