Nokia Wasp TA-1184 passes FCC. New ODM to manufacture the device.

Nokia TA-1184 Label Information

A new Nokia smartphone codenamed "Wasp" has passed the FCC Certification process and carries the model number TA-1184. As per the data found from the FCC documents, this new Nokia smartphone is a Dual Sim device and will come with a removable battery suggests the label location which will be under the battery.

Nokia TA-1184 Label Location

The data also reveals that the phone will come with 3GB RAM and 32 GB of internal storage and a removable back panel. Chances are that this upcoming Nokia smartphone will be a budget offering from Nokia Mobile and could be the Nokia 2.2, Nokia 5.2 or just a carrier variant for the US market.

Nokia TA-1184 Specifications FCC

Another interesting info found in the FCC data is that a different manufacturer named Huaqin will manufacture the Nokia Wasp (TA-1184). Nokia Mobile is now clearly looking for new ODM's that will help them with the manufacturing process. To give some info, Huaqin is an ODM Headquartered in Shanghai, China and has R&D centres spread across different countries like India, Japan and the USA. Huaqin specializes in making smartphones, tablets, notebooks and other IoT products. They are involved in manufacturing devices for popular brands like Huawei, LG, Lenovo, etc.

Source: FCC