Nokia Mobile posts 3rd teaser for Nokia X5 launch in China

Nokia Mobile has posted the 3rd and maybe the final teaser for the launch of their upcoming Nokia X5 smartphone which will be launched tomorrow in China. This time the post had a different number "1111111" we assume it means we are just 1 day away from the official launch.
The translated Weibo post by Nokia Mobile reads "After 1 day, who's beautiful European design will conquer your eyes? Want to see a real face? Hey, talk, and quietly deduct 1. At 20:00 on July 11th, #NokiaX series new product launch conference". 

Nokia X5 will be launched in China tomorrow at 20:00 China Time and is said to go on sale on, TMall and Suning online stores soon after its launch. The price of the Nokia X5 is expected to range from CNY 799 to CNY 999.

Below is the screenshot of the Nokia Mobile Weibo post and the image of the Teaser poster.

Nokia Mobile Weibo post