Nokia 9 cases appear on Alibaba. Gives hint about the missing headphone jack

Nokia 9 has been leaked many times in the recent past and we also saw the Nokia 9 cases being sold on Amazon US which gave us a glimpse of the Nokia 9 design and also about the absence of the headphone jack on Nokia 9.

Now, we get to see another case of Nokia 9 being sold on Alibaba which also hints at the absence of headphone jack on the upcoming Nokia flagship i.e. Nokia 9. The information image below shows the headphone and a USB cable together with the words saying - "Headphone Charging Port". This could mean that the USB Type C port will be used for both charging and connecting headphones and the phone will not come with a dedicated headphone jack.

There are many different types of Nokia 9 cases listed on Alibaba.

You can check out the Nokia 9 case on Alibaba via the source link below.

No Headphone Jack on Nokia 9

Nokia 9 Hybrid Case
Another Nokia 9 case on Alibaba without the Headphone jack

Nokia 9 is expected to be launched at MWC 2018 which is still two months away and till then we may also see some more leaks about the Nokia 9. Stay tuned. :)

Source: Alibaba