SpeedWarp is the latest trademark application by HMD Global. Hints at some cool camera features coming to Nokia smartphones.

Things are once again getting super interesting in the Nokia world and this is what any Nokia fan would want. We all know Nokia Mobile will launch some new products on 27th July and we also got a good detailed look at the Nokia XR20 in a high resolution leaked image of the upcoming rugged Nokia smartphone and today we get to know about a super cool sounding trademark that HMD has applied for at EUIPO. It's SpeedWarp. The trademark application is still under examination.

The name SpeedWarp sounds cool and futuristic and as per the information at EUIPO this trademark will be used in "Software applications for mobile phones and smartphones; downloadable mobile phone and smartphone software applications; software applications for mobile phones and smartphones for use in uploading, downloading, capturing, creating, editing, storing, accessing, posting, displaying, streaming, sharing, transmitting photos, videos, images, text, electronic media, music, audio and video content, digital data; application software for cameras for mobile phones and smartphones; cameras and digital cameras for smartphones and phones."

This means HMD Global could be working on some software features that will improve the Nokia Camera experience. It could be some coolest feature we will see for the first time on a smartphone or it could be a completely different application that HMD Global could be developing but we can't really be sure what it will be until it is official. If I had to guess going by the name SpeedWarp I think it could be related to some features in the photo or video mode. How about making the background move in slow motion while you as the main subject in the video are moving at normal speed or some animation effects in the photo mode. This is just me imagining things.

What do you think SpeedWarp will bring? What other camera features come to your mind that could take advantage of the name SpeedWarp? Tell us in the comments below. :)

Thanks to KOREANOKIA for sending the tip and the screenshots! ☺