Nokia XR20 coming on 27th July? Nokia Mobile teases the launch of a rugged phone.

Nokia Mobile is now ready once again for some action and has teased a launch of a new rugged phone. In a tweet, Nokia Mobile shared an image of a Nokia X20 inside a compostable case which has text that reads "With our newest Nokia phone you will never need a case again 27-07-2021."
Not needing a case to protect a phone is a clear hint at a rugged smartphone and it most probably will turn out to be the Nokia XR20 where R in the name fits well for ruggedness. Thanks to several listings on the retailer website in Russia, we know about three Nokia phones that are ready for launch - Nokia XR20, Nokia C30 and the Nokia 6310 which will be a feature phone. Alongside the Nokia XR20, Nokia Mobile could also launch the Nokia C30 and the Nokia 6310 on 27th July which is just a couple weeks from now.

If the retailer listing is to be believed then the specifications of the Nokia XR20 will be almost similar to that of the Nokia X20 except for the Battery size and the cameras at the back. Nokia XR20 will have a slightly larger 4630mAh battery and instead of a Quad camera setup at that back, there will be just two cameras the main camera is 48MP in resolution accompanied by a 13MP Ultra Wide-angle camera. This in my opinion is a much better and useful setup than putting a low-resolution macro, depth and ultra-wide cameras just to increase the camera count.

Nokia Mobile India's Twitter account has also teased the launch of the Nokia XR20 and this gives us hope that the phone might make its way to India as well. This should be very good news for fans in India.

I am more interested to see how the Nokia XR20 will look in a rugged design. Nokia Mobile must have designed it to look beautiful and attract a lot of attention. So, I just can't wait to see how the phone looks. What about you?