*UPDATED* Report | Nokia X60 and Nokia X60 Pro running on Harmony OS to come with 200MP Camera, Curved display with 144Hz Adaptive Refresh rate.

Nokia Concept with 200 MP Camera
Source: ConceptCreator

This news coming straight from China is going to recharge the excitement levels of the Nokia Fan in you to a whole new level. So, let's not waste any time and get straight into the exciting news about Nokia Mobile that's doing rounds in the Chinese media. As per the reports in the Chinese media, Nokia Mobile is working on at least two new phones in the X series lineup named the Nokia X60 and Nokia X60 Pro. 

I know this is already getting exciting but there's a whole lot more to it. The report also says that Nokia Mobile will be using Huawei's Harmony OS as their preferred operating system for Nokia phones in China. We can't be sure about this but it makes a lot more sense for Nokia to be using Harmony OS for Nokia smartphones sold in China. It would help them stay away from the fierce Android competition and also allow them to make some space for themselves with Harmony OS. Chinese must be proud of their homegrown alternative to Android and Nokia can capitalize on it. 

Currently, Nokia X Series is the top offering from Nokia Mobile and the smartphones under this series come with exclusive features such as ZEISS optics, latest Qualcomm processors, premium and beautiful looking designs and great physical build quality. The report also sheds some light on the possible specifications of the Nokia X60 and Nokia X60 Pro. Nokia Mobile will include a curved display with 144Hz Adaptive Refresh Rate, a huge 6000mAh battery that will have Fast Charging and also a whopping 200MP Primary Camera which is just insane.

The specifications are hard to believe and we don't know if this is true so take this as a rumor and with a bowl full of salt. Even if this report turns out to be true, Nokia phones with Harmony OS might only be limited to China as markets outside China are hugely dependent on Google services which would make it much difficult for users to switch to a new ecosystem. But for Nokia Mobile, it's a new ray of hope which could help them in the long run. Nokia smartphones with Android One are not going anywhere in the foreseeable future. 

Did this news reignite the lost spark within you for Nokia? I would like to see your thoughts about the Nokia X60 and Nokia X60 Pro in the comments section below. :)

Source: MyDrivers Via: SuomiMobiili

UPDATE: Nokia Mobile has officially denied reports of working on HarmonyOS powered devices and said it will continue using the Android operating system.