Android 12 Developer Preview Program for the Nokia X20 to begin in Q3 2021

Nokia X20


Hey Nokia Fans, this came in as an unexpected surprise. Nokia Mobile has just announced that Nokia X20 will be part of the Android 12 Developer Preview program. The last Nokia smartphone that was part of the program was the Nokia 8.1 back in 2019. It's been two whole years since a Nokia smartphone will be a part of the Developer preview program which is a piece of very good news and hopefully we will be seeing much more interesting things happening in the future.

Android 12 Developer Preview for Nokia X20 will begin from Q3 2021 and users/testers will be able to share ideas, bugs, and other useful findings with each other on the Nokia Community Forum as well as directly with HMD Global's in-house developer team in 16 languages. The activity on the Nokia Community Forum is once again going to increase so make sure to join the forum.

Android™ 12 will provide a host of new and updated features for people, such as:

  • Supporting AVIF images, so you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of images for large file sizes;
  • Audio-coupled haptic feedback for more immersive gaming and audio experiences.
  • Refreshed app launch animations for an improved experience.
  • Improved privacy and security features ensuring personal data are kept as safe as possible.
I am very happy to see the Android Developer Preview program for Nokia phones resume once again after a long pause of two years. I hope Nokia Beta Labs is resumed too so that interested users of other eligible Nokia smartphones will also be able to test out and share their feedback on Android 12 before they get the official release just like the old times.

Here's a link to the Nokia Phones Android Developer Preview webpage which should be updated with details related to Android 12 and Nokia X20 in the coming days.

UPDATE: The Nokia phones Android Developer Preview webpage has now been updated with a fresh new look and some basic information

What are your thoughts about this unexpected surprise from the Home of Nokia Phone? Are you planning to try out the Android 12 on your Nokia X20 or are you planning to buy one soon?

Source: HMD Global