Nokia TA-1336 certified in Thailand along with Nokia G10 (TA-1334)

 Nokia TA-1336 and TA-1334 certified in Thailand

In a few weeks from now, Nokia Mobile will be announcing some new phones along with a change in its product naming convention. Variants of upcoming  Nokia phones have started to appear on different certification portals of different countries.

Nokia TA-1334 which we all know is the Nokia G10 along with the Nokia TA-1336 have been certified by the NBTC in Thailand. We don't know what the Nokia-1336 could be but it is definitely a different smartphone as it was also certified by the TÜV along with Nokia G10 last month.

Nokia-TA-1336 could either be a part of the G series line up (Nokia G20) or it might turn out to be the first smartphone of an entirely new device line up. We can now be sure that Nokia Mobile will be releasing at least two new smartphones on April 8th. Some rumours also point at the launch of two new feature phones one of which will be the remake of Nokia 3650.

What according to you could be the Nokia TA-1336? Let's us know what you think in the comments below. 😁

Thanks to Yogi Agustinus for sharing the info. 🤟