Nokia Mobile is bringing the Nokia 3.4 and Nokia 5.4 to India

In just a few days, Nokia Mobile will be launching its two new modern smartphones in India. Nokia Mobile is already teasing the launch of Nokia 3.4 on their social media channels and now the product page of Nokia 5.4 has also gone live on Flipkart. We kind off knew that Nokia 5.4 was coming to India when it got leaked by mistake a few days ago and now this Flipkart listing confirms the launch.

Nokia 3.4 and Nokia 5.4 both come in modern designs which Nokia fans especially in India have been asking for quite some time now. Both the phones come with a punch-hole display and fresh new colours to choose from. Nokia 5.4 also has a nice pattern at the back along with a circular quad-camera housing which makes it look a lot more attractive and distinct amongst the phones with almost identical back designs in the segment.

I feel both Nokia 3.4 and Nokia 5.4 can be the products Nokia Mobile needs right now to regain the lost momentum. The products have good design with respectable specifications and all Nokia Mobile needs to do is promote these devices smartly to the right audience through the right medium. The product banners of Nokia 5.4 on Flipkart look very attractive at first glance and will entice many interested buyers.

Now, I can only hope for one thing and that is pricing the devices right. Currently, Nokia 2.4 is sold for Rs.10,399/- and the price of 5.3 starts at Rs.12,999/-. Going by this, I expect the price of Nokia 3.4 to start somewhere around Rs.12,000 and the price of Nokia 5.4 at around Rs.14,000/-. But let's see what the official prices are once the devices are launched which should be happening very soon. 

Are you excited about the Nokia 3.4 and Nokia 5.4? Do you think these smartphones will bring a positive change for Nokia Mobile in India? Share your thoughts in the comments below. :)

Source: Flipkart