New Nokia 4G feature phone TA-1316 passes FCC. Design revealed

HMD Global should be releasing some new devices in the coming months and among those will be a new 4G feature phone as well. A new Nokia 4G feature phone has just appeared in the FCC database. The listing reveals a few details along with a glimpse of what we should expect.

As per the Label location declaration, Nokia TA-1316 will come with a removable battery and the label will be placed in the battery compartment. The sample Label reveals that the Nokia TA-1316 will be Made in Vietnam.

Nokia TA-1316 Label

Nokia TA-1316 Device Info

The test report also reveals that Nokia TA-1316 will have an 1150 mAh (BL-4WL) battery. The charger model is AC-18U and it will also ship with basic WH-108 earphones. This time we also have a diagram of the back of Nokia TA-1316 which gives us a basic idea of how the phone would look like. We have a loudspeaker, mic, camera and the Nokia logo all aligned in the middle. It is interesting to see that there is no LED flash at the back.

Nokia TA-1316 Diagram

We don't know if this 4G feature phone will run on KaiOS or on Feature OS like the Nokia 220 4G. If it runs on FeatureOS then we can expect it to be available at an affordable price compared to phones powered by KaiOS which has a minimum hardware requirement.

Will Nokia Mobile be pushing 4G feature phones to lower price points? What do you think?

Source: FCC