Nokia Paramore and Nokia Armstrong receive WiFi certification.

A few days ago we saw a Nokia smartphone or a two carrying different model numbers pass the FCC and Bluetooth SIG and the software version suggested it to be a phone headed to Cricket Wireless in the US. At that time we weren't sure if those are two different smartphones or just a single smartphone with so many models.

Now, these smartphones with different model numbers also got certified by the WiFi Alliance and upon checking back today the names of all the smartphones are listed as well. The WiFi certification reveals, Nokia TA-1222 to be the Nokia Paramore made for Cricket Wireless. Nokia Armstong is the second smartphone and it will be available from both Cricket and Verizon wireless in the US. TA-1218 and TA-1226 are variants of Nokia Armstrong for Cricket Wireless while TA-1221 and TA-1231 are variants of Nokia Armstrong for Verizon Wireless.

All models run on Android 10 and will be powered by the same MediaTek chipset which is not yet known. The WiFi component mentioned is MT6631 which is present on Helio X20 processor. However, there could be some other Mediatek processor which might have it as well. We will only know which processor is used after the phones are launched. Helio X20 seems to be the one but let's wait fir the official announcement.

These should be mid-range smartphones and as the names of both the devices are visible it is possible that the launch is close but could be delayed due to COVID-19.

Source: WiFi Alliance