Nokia 7 plus crowned as the most Durable smartphone of 2018 by JerryRigEverything

JerryRigEverything is back with the Smartphone Durability awards for 2018 and the results will bring a big smile on the face of every Nokia device owner. If you recall, the winner for the title of the Most Durable smartphone of 2017 was the Nokia 6 and you will be happy to know that the winner of this title for the year 2018 is a Nokia smartphone once again.

In JerryRigEveything's Smartphone Durability awards of 2018, Nokia smartphones won two major awards. Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 7 plus have achieved the title of Most Easily Repairable Phone of 2018 thanks to the design team at HMD Global and Nokia 7 plus has also won the title of Most Durable Smartphone of 2018 due to the solid rigid designThis must be music to the ears of all Nokia 7 plus owners out there. Nokia 7 plus with its full metal body made out of 6000 Series Aluminium and Gorilla Glass 3 protection at the front has easily won the award for durability.

I would also like to mention that, The Tank - Nokia 6.1 is also made out of the same 6000 Series Aluminium and I feel the boxy form factor of the Nokia 6.1 makes it a very tough smartphone. The build quality on Nokia 6.1 is nothing less than that of the Nokia 7 plus.

Nokia smartphones have a strong build quality and till now all Nokia smartphones that made it to the desk of JerryRigEverything have passed the durability tests. When Nokia returned in 2017 they made sure to stay on the legacy of building solid phones and this is true as even Zack says in the video "Nokia has yet to make a weak smartphone" and we hope this doesn't change in 2019 where we might see more and more Nokia smartphones with Glass sandwich designs.

Enjoy the JerryRigEverything's Smartphone Durability awards 2018 video below: