Nokia 6.1 plus gets the Pro Camera UI and option to hide the notch with latest update

Nokia Mobile just gave the best Christmas gift to all the Nokia 6.1 plus owners out there in the form of latest update which brought many significant features to the device.

This is a new major release after the Android Pie update for the Nokia 6.1 plus and brings back the most requested feature which is an option to hide the notch. Another big feature that Nokia 6.1 plus gets with this update is the Pro Mode in the camera which is a bit surprising as this feature was exclusive to the Nokia phones that came with ZEISS optics. Along with these features, the update also brings system stability and user interface improvements along with Google's latest December 2018 Android Security patch. Check the screenshots below:

Nokia 6.1 plus December 2018 Android Security PatchNokia 6.1 plus gets option to hide the notch

All those of you who were waiting for Nokia Mobile to bring back the option to hide the notch should be very happy and to further increase your happiness Nokia Mobile also added the Pro Mode to the camera on Nokia 6.1 plus. The Pro Mode on 6.1 plus is exactly the same as we see on other Nokia phones with ZEISS optics. You have ISO levels between 100-3200, Shutter Speeds can be set anywhere between 1/500 to 4 seconds, Exposure ranges between -2 to +2. Below is the screenshot of Nokia 6.1 plus ProMode in action. :)

Nokia 6.1 plus Pro Mode

Nokia 6.1 plus does not come with ZEISS optics and has got the ProMode. So, could this be a sign that the ProMode will be making its way to other Nokia smartphones as well? It would be nice to see Pro Mode in the cameras of as many Nokia smartphone as possible just like it was during the days of Lumia. :)

Thanks, Appu Mali for the tip. :)