[Leak] Front panels of Nokia 9 and Nokia X7 leaked | [Spoiler alert] No Notch

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A few days back, we got our first look at the back panel of the most awaited Nokia flagship, the Nokia 9. It had (not 2, not 3) 5 lenses!, which look like the symbol of peace in my opinion, along with an LED flash and laser autofocus. Today, you're about to see the front panel of the Nokia 9 and also probably what seems to be the front panel of the Nokia X7.

First, let's begin with the Nokia 9 itself. Yes! it doesn't have a notch! There are bezels at the bottom and the top. However, they are very minimal. Close to the Galaxy S9, I would say. There's the Nokia logo on the top right and the single front-facing camera is right next to it, in line with the current Nokia phones. So this leak seems legit. 

The front panel of Nokia 9 (left: front side, right: back side)
Here's the rumoured spec sheet of the Nokia 9:

  • Snapdragon 845
  • Android Pie
  • 6 inch 18:9 QHD+ curved POLED display
  • No notch 
  • In-display fingerprint scanner
  • Penta lens camera, Zeiss optics, PureView, OZO audio
  • IP67 water and dust resistance
  • No headphone jack
  • Dimensions: 151*72*7.5 mm
  • Variants: Single-SIM with 64 GB / 128 GB, Dual-SIM with 64 GB / 128 GB
  • Price: $990
  • Expected to be launched in October.
Next up is the Nokia X7 (Phoenix) which is rumoured to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor. Surprisingly, there's no notch found here too. This contradicts the earlier leak, in which the front panel of the X7 had a wide notch at the top. Both the X series Nokia phones launched so far also have a notch. This makes us wonder whether this is really the front panel of the Nokia X7. Could there be two devices then? Maybe, this front panel is of Nokia 7.1 which could be the successor to the Nokia 7 which was launched in October last year and Nokia Phoenix could be the Nokia X7/Nokia 7.1 plus with the notch?

Front panel of Nokia X7
This is just a leak and we have no way to confirm if this is true or not and we will have to wait for the phones to be officially launched to find the truth. As per some rumors Nokia Mobile will be holding a launch event sometime in October where they are expected to launch the Nokia 9 and Nokia 8.1 with Penta Lens camera and Nokia X7/7.1 plus could be launched at the same time too.

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Source: Baidu via: Nokiamob