Nokia 7 plus gets Android P Beta 2 | Here's how you can install it

Google released the second beta of Android P (Developer Preview 3) and it was available only for the Pixels at that time. However, Google assured that its partners who were participating in the Android P beta program will be getting the beta 2 in a few weeks. 

Nokia 7 plus which was already running Android P beta 1. Today, it has received Android P beta 2 update. Like the previous developer preview, this also has to be installed manually on the Nokia 7 plus. But Nokia has promised that OTA update is very close.

Nokia calls this build "DP2", as it is the second one for them, but it's actually the DP3 (Android P beta 2). Note that this is a developer preview and it is meant for developers. Be aware of the risks and bugs which you might face. Here's the complete guide for installing the Android P developer preview on your Nokia 7 plus:

  • Head over to Nokia phones Android™ developer preview page
    and sign in (or register)
  • Download the Android P file (you’ll need to flash this later). 
  • Activate developer options on your Nokia 7 Plus, by heading to Settings -> System -> About phone and tap Build Number several times to enable the mode.
  • Now that Developer option is enabled, go to it (Settings -> System -> Developer options), and enable USB Debugging
  • Download  and Install Minimal ADB and Fastboot from XDA 
  • Power off your phone and plug it into your computer
  • Hold Power and Volume Up (+) until you see the Android boot screen
  • When you see the Android Robot and a “no command” text you’re on the right track.
  • Hold Power once again, and press Volume Up (+) just once. This should bring up the Recovery menu
  • Choose Factory Reset (Volume keys to scroll through options and power to select). Then confirm to complete reset.
  • Once the Reset is over, go back to recovery mode and scroll to “Update from ADB”
  • Open the command prompt (Win + R – type CMD and hit enter)
  • In the window, type (without quotes) "adb sideload C:\file\path\to\" replacing the file path and name of the file to where you have the file saved.
  • Progress bar for the install should show in the screen. Once its complete, Select “Reboot Now”
  • Enjoy Android P on your Nokia 7 Plus
Android P beta 2 on Nokia 7 plus

Android P Beta 2 includes the final Android P APIs, the latest system images, and updated developer tools. You can find everything that's new in Android P beta 2 by clicking here.

Know bugs:


  • Intermittently unable to make Video Call when in selected VoLTE Networks
  • Mobile Data is not working on specific SIM Cards

SD Card

  • Unable to edit Camera photo when saved to External SD Card
  • Unable to play music stored on SD Card
  • Intermittent data transfer issues from PC to SD Card when using USB

OOBE (Out of Box Experience)

  • Without Internet Connection, unable to progress past fingerprint setup.

If you have installed the latest Android P beta on your Nokia 7 plus, share your experience with us in the comments section!