EXCLUSIVE | Nokia Pro Camera port for Nokia 5 and Nokia 6. Download link inside.

Nokia Pro Camera port running on Nokia 2
Nokia Pro Camera mode on Nokia 2

Yesterday, a developer who goes by the name of linuxct on XDA Developers shared a port of Nokia Pro Camera app which works on Android devices given that the device supports Level 3 Camera2 API. I installed the app on my Nokia 2 but I couldn't use the most important features of Pro Mode like ISO, Focus and Shutter Speed controls. Full Manual controls won't work on Nokia 2 as it doesn't support the Level 3 Camera2 API. Out of curiosity, many of you tried installing it on your Nokia devices but could not install it on your Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 smartphones. Worry not, this new port from Hikari Calyx works on Nokia 5 and Nokia 6.

Hikari Calyx ported the Nokia Camera app with Pro Mode to his Nokia 3 but the app only allowed Manual Focus control in the Pro Mode. We asked him to send us the Nokia Pro cam port and we tried on our Nokia 6 and to our surprise, we were able to install it and use full manual controls on the device. The app allowed us to control White Balance, Manual Focus, ISO, and Shutter Speed and Exposure. ISO can be set between the range of 100 - 1600 and Shutter Speed goes from 1/500 to 1/2 second. This Nokia Pro Camera port works on Nokia 5 as well and all the values of ISO and Shutter Speed are same as on the Nokia 6. 

You can download this port of the Nokia Pro Camera app from the link below:


We noticed that many users weren't able to install the app on their Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 from the older link. We have updated the link and now the app is working on our Nokia 6 and a few other Nokia 6 smartphones that were not able to install it from the older link. 

Nokia Pro Camera DOWNLOAD LINK

Many of you, especially those, who jumped from Lumia devices to Nokia Android smartphones were waiting for HMD Global to release the Pro Mode for all Nokia smartphones but the Pro Mode was only released for the phones with ZEISS optics and many hearts were broken. Now, thanks to this new port of Nokia Pro Camera app, you can try out the Pro Mode and capture some good images using manual controls on your Nokia 5 and Nokia 6.

Do share your experience after using the Pro Mode on your Nokia 5 and Nokia 6. We would love to see some images captured with the pro mode. Share your thoughts in the comments section below. :)


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    1. Yes, we tried it. We are aware that some are still not able to install it on their devices.

    2. We updated the link. Try now. :)

  2. Download link is not opening.

    1. It is working. Just wait for the page to load fully. It will show you blank page for some time but then it will load. 🙂


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