Nokia X may have Zeiss Optics | Launching on May 16

Yesterday Nokia Mobile posted an image on Weibo, teasing the launch of Nokia X in 3 days. The launch event is on May 16th, 3:30 PM local time. Nokia X will be available from,, and Tmall.

This teaser may sound something usual, as companies always try to keep the hype up when the launch of a device is nearing. But what makes this picture interesting is that the '3' is designed with many Chinese words, which also includes the word, Zeiss. This gives us a hint that the new Nokia X may have Zeiss Optics. In the previous leaks, there was no Zeiss branding seen. So this might not be true. Zeiss might have been just a random word in the image. We are not sure about this, but we are just 2 days away from the launch. The wait is not long, we will come to know about it soon. 

To check out the specs of Nokia X, click on this link. Here is an image of Nokia X from This one doesn't seem to have Zeiss branding though. Nokia X may come in two colors - Black and Silver, as per the image below.

Stay tuned to know more about Nokia X!

Source: Nokia Mobile Weibo Via: Baidu