HMD Global submits 3 new design patents to EUIPO

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HMD Global has submitted 3 new design patents to the EUIPO. All the patents were filled on different dates of this month - 3rd May, 4th May and 7th May to be precise. The patents carry the design numbers 005256740-0001, 005258308-0001, 005259843-0001 and it looks like they belong to three different products. There is no detailed description or information mentioned in the listings.

These design patents could belong to the upcoming Nokia smartphones like the rumored Nokia 3 (2018) and Nokia 5 (2018) but there is no way to confirm this. There is also a possibility that these design patents could be for some Applications or UI elements designed by HMD Global.  We will only find out more details about these patents once the products related to them are announced. :)

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