Nokia Earbuds from Sunfly pass Bluetooth Certification and FCC

As per a report at Nokiamob, Chinese headset manufacturer "Sunfly" has just received Bluetooth certification for a bunch of Bluetooth accessories. What's interesting is the use of "Nokia" brand name for one of its wireless Bluetooth headsets which they call it "Nokia Earbuds".

Nokia Earbuds by Sunfly pass bluetooth certification

According to the product description, "Nokia Earbuds" by Sunfly will be True Wireless earbuds which means they will be free from any sort of cables and both the Left and Right headset will be connected to the phone via Bluetooth. The listing also reveals the model number of these Nokia Earbuds as T02.

Sunfly T02 Wireless Headset passes FCC
Image of Sunfly T02 under testing at FCC

Upon further research, I found out that these Wireless Earbuds aka T02 have also been certified by the FCC and according to "Model Declaration Letter" submitted to the FCC by Sunfly Electronics, these wireless earbuds will have different model names for marketing requirements. This means HMD Global could customize and market them under the Nokia brand name. A google search also helped to find out the product page of Sunfly T02 True Wireless Headset.

As the earbuds have received the Bluetooth certification, we can assume that these wireless earbuds could be launched by HMD Global sometime in future. These Nokia Earbuds could also make their appearance at MWC along with other Nokia devices. :)

What do you think about these True Wireless Nokia Earbuds? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. :)

Source: Bluetooth, FCC