Nokia CC-101 Crystal cover and Nokia CP-301 Flip cover for Nokia 6 now available on

The first time we saw Nokia accessories listed on the official Nokia website was in September. After a long wait, Original Nokia Cases for Nokia 6 are now available in India through The cases listed are the Nokia CC-101 Slim Crystal Cover and Nokia CP-301 Slim Flip Case.

Nokia CC-101 Slim Crystal Cover for Nokia 6 (Clear)

According to the description on, the crystal case is made out of a scratch resistant polycarbonate back and also comes with integrated buttons which will protect the volume and power keys from getting damaged. The case is available for just Rs.149/- INR and below is the buy link for anyone who is interested in buying one.

Nokia CP-301 Slim Flip Case for Nokia 6 (Black)
The Nokia CP-301 Slim Flip Case for Nokia 6 is a Flip cover and is currently available only in Black color option. The cover has a microfiber lining inside which helps in keeping the screen clean when not in use. The flip cover has a slim profile and is available for Rs.487/- INR and can be purchased from the link below.

As both Nokia 6 and Nokia 8 were Amazon exclusive devices I assume that original Nokia cases for Nokia 8 will be listed very soon too. Original Nokia cases for other Nokia smartphones aren't yet listed on Amazon but we can expect them to be available soon.

There are many other different types of cases like rugged, leather, carbon fiber and soft touch cases that are still not available in India. Other than cases, Nokia is yet to launch their other accessories like new wired and wireless earphones and car chargers in India. 

Don't know when other Nokia accessories will be available for purchase but these new cases for Nokia 6 are a great way to protect your phone from dents and scratches in case of a drop.

Stay tuned for updates on this topic. :)