Nokia 3310 4G (TA-1077) passes TENAA certification. Will run on YunOS.

Nokia 3310 4G TA-1077

A new variant of Nokia 3310 has passed the TENAA certification in China. This device carries the model number TA-1077 and will be a 4G LTE variant of the Nokia 3310 (2017) which was launched at the start of 2017. Currently, Nokia 3310 3G variant is also available in western markets.

The interesting thing about the Nokia 3310 4G is the operating system that this phone will come with. According to the info on TENAA, Nokia 3310 4G will run on YunOS which is an operating system based on Android Open Source project developed by Alibaba. The OS can also run some Android apps and it might become possible to install WhatsApp on the Nokia 3310 4G. Below is the screenshot that mentions the Operating system as YunOS.

Nokia 3310 4G TA-1077 runs on YunOS

As this is a Chinese variant there is also a possibility that Nokia 3310 4G with YunOS could be a China exclusive device. The device could be launched at the start of 2018 and we will find more details once the device is launched. :)

Source: TENAA via VTechgraphy