New software patch will fix the issue that stops Indian Nokia 6 variant to download the Android Oreo Beta update

Good News for all Indian Nokia 6 users who are trying to get the Android Oreo Beta update on their devices. HMD Global has found the issue that was stopping the Nokia 6 TA-1021 from getting the Android Oreo Beta update even after the latest December Security Patch. In a recent tweet, Juho Sarvikas, Cheif Product Officer, HMD Global stated that they have found the fix for this issue and the update is currently being tested and will be rolled out in short span of time.

They were too fast in releasing the beta program for Nokia 6 without realizing that December Security patch was not deployed 100%. Juho Sarvikas apologized for all the issues and said this won't be repeated again. Below is the official tweet from the man himself.

This could be also due to the fact that, even Fans were in a hurry to get the Android Oreo Beta Update and from now on fans do have to understand that behind every delay of a software update there could be some problems that HMD Global is trying to fix. So, do not pressurize them, guys. :)

Hopefully, the new software patch will fix all the issues and allow Nokia 6 TA-1021 users to try out the Android Oreo Beta update. :)

Thank you Akilesh for the tip. :)