Save upto ₹3500 on Nokia smartphones during Nokia Week sale from 13th to 17th November on Amazon

Nokia Week sale on Amazon

If you were planning to buy a new Nokia smartphone then this is the best time to get one. Amazon is holding the "Nokia Week" sale from 13th - 17th November in India. If you purchase the phones during the sale period, you can save up to ₹3500/- on your purchase.

Cashback on Nokia 6

For Prime Members:

If you are an Amazon Prime member and purchase the Nokia 6 using Amazon Pay balance you will get a cashback of ₹2500/-. You can also get additional ₹1000/- off if you exchange your old device. 

For Non-Prime Members: 

Non-Prime members who purchase Nokia 6 using Amazon Pay will receive a cashback of ₹1500/- and additional ₹1000/- off if they exchange their old device.

Offer Page - Nokia 6

Cashback on Nokia 8

For Prime Members only:

You will receive a cashback of ₹1500/- on the purchase of Nokia 8 using Amazon Pay and additional ₹1000/- off if you exchange of your old device. Cashback offer on Nokia 8 is available exclusively for Prime Members only.

Offer Page - Nokia 8