Protect your Nokia mobile with Nokia phone insurance!!!

Nokia Phone Insurance

HMD Global has unveiled phone insurance plans for all Nokia smartphones. The insurance plans help in protecting your Nokia smartphones against any kind of damage. The insurance plan covers physical damage, damage due to fire and liquid, damage caused to a phone by a third party, etc.

As of now, the Nokia phone insurance is available only in European markets but the insurance plans may be expanded to other markets outside Europe in the future. One needs to register for the insurance plan within 14 days of buying a Nokia smartphone.

Nokia Phone Insurance

Insurance Plans & Pricing:

Insurance plans for all Nokia smartphone have different prices depending upon the duration of the insurance. Insurance plans for all Nokia smartphone are available for the duration of 12 months and 24 months. The pricing of different insurance plans for different Nokia smartphones are as below:

Smartphone Name
Price of Insurance for 12 months
Price of Insurance for 24 months
Nokia 3
Nokia 5
Nokia 6
Nokia 8
Note: All the prices mentioned above are including taxes. 

You can check the official pricing of Nokia phone insurance for UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, and Sweden by visiting the official link below. 

Source: via Nokia Community Forum