Indestructible | Nokia 8 survives the Durability Tests done by JerryRigEverything!!

Nokia 8 is the first flagship smartphone from HMD Global and was launched in August at an event in London. The phone is made from a single block of 6000 Series Aluminium and goes through a 40 Stage process of machining, anodizing and polishing giving it an excellent build quality. To check the build quality of the device, JerryRigEveryting performed the Durability Tests which consists of Scratch Test, Burn Test, and Bend Test.on the Nokia 8.

Nokia 8 survives the scratch test with ease. The entire front of Nokia 8 is protected with Gorilla Glass 5 and is completely scratch resistant. The fingerprint scanner is also protected with glass and doesn't get scratched. 13 MP Dual Camera setup at the back of Nokia 8 is also protected by a glasss on top. This time the Dual LED Flash also sits under the glass which is a good thing. 

HMD also did a great job by designing the plastic antenna bands around the corners of the device as plastic can absorb the impact when the phone drops and can help in reducing the damage caused to the device. Nokia 8 also clears the Burn Test due to its IPS LCD display.

The 6000 Series Aluminium combined with the legacy Nokia design and build quality helps the Nokia 8 clear the Bend Test with ease. The phone doesn't flex at all and shows zero signs of movement upon bending the phone from the front or the back. As Zack from JerryRigEverything said "This is a very solidly built and durable phone. Nokia's legacy continues with some of the most well-built phones of this year."

You can check out the Nokia 8 Durability Test in the video below:

You can also check out the Durability Tests of Nokia 3 and Nokia 6 done by JerryRigEverything. What are your thoughts about the Build quality of Nokia 8? Say it in the comment below.  :)