Nokia 5 Drop Test | Will it survive?

If you ever owned a Nokia phone, you are very well aware of their amazing and robust build quality. Nokia always made their phones durable and long lasting. The new Nokia phones are no different.
Earlier, we saw several durability tests conducted on Nokia 6 and Nokia 3 and both the phones survived with no issues. Now we have a Drop Test of Nokia 5 done by Mr.Techy on Youtube. He drops the Nokia 5 with its screen facing downward from the height of 3ft and later from the height of 6ft. The phone survives the drops with ZERO physical damage. 

We have to say that all current Nokia phones are built like a TANK. Be it a budget Nokia 3 or a Flagship Nokia 8 all phones are equally durable and have amazing build quality. Nokia has stood true to its tradition of designing and building phones that are almost "Indestructible". :)

Here is the video:

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What do you think about this amazing and premium build quality provided by Nokia phones? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below. :)