Nokia 8 to feature OZO Audio?

Nokia 8 Blue

HMD Global has held a launch event on 16th August where they will be announcing the flagship Nokia 8 smartphone. We have seen lots of rumors and leaks regarding the specs and design of Nokia 8. We all know that Nokia flagship phones always had the best in class Camera and Audio recording capabilities compared to the competition and it seems Nokia 8 will follow this path with its Dual Lens ZEISS Camera and Nokia's OZO Audio. Yes, Nokia OZO might be present on Nokia 8. 😉

Facebook post by Country Head (Malaysia & Myanmar) at HMD Global

As reported by Victor Ng from VTechgraphy, Country Head of Malaysia and Myanmar at HMD Global posted about some "mind blowing OZO Audio from an unannounced beauty" on Facebook. He did not reveal the identity of the device but it is not difficult to assume that the device he was hinting at might be a Nokia 8. We will soon find out more about this awesome feature and its capabilities when the device goes official on 16th August.

If you don't know what OZO Audio is here is a Demo video published by Nokia. Did they use Nokia 8 to record this video?

OZO Audio is an advanced spatial audio technology with 3D capture and playback capabilities. Advanced psychoacoustic technology allows sound to be captured and played back just like it would in real life, transporting you and amplifying your experiences in every direction. Audio Focus mode lets you accentuate the right sounds you need while reducing ambient sounds or background noise. OZO Audio is adaptable to virtually any form factor. Whether it's a smartphone or a camera, OZO Audio is the ideal solution for manufacturers looking to entice new customers with world-class immersive 3D audio. OZO Audio capture technology delivers on immersiveness - which means your device will be 100% ready for the kinds of experiences consumers are craving

Source: VTechgraphy