*UPDATED* Rejoice, Nokia Fans! Nokia 5 will be available in India from 15th August.

Nokia 5 Availability in India

Nokia 5 was all set to go on sale in India from 7th July. But due to a huge demand for Nokia 3 in India, HMD Global had ramped up the production of Nokia 3 by giving it a priority. The production of Nokia 5 was paused to increase the production capacity for Nokia 3 and hence the availability of Nokia 5 was delayed. 

It has been a very long wait for buyers to be able to purchase a Nokia 5 in India. It seems the wait is almost over. Now we have some concrete information about the availability of Nokia 5 in India. In a reply given to a fan, Nokia Mobile on Facebook has confirmed the availability date as 15th August for Nokia 5 in India. The phone will be available at a price of Rs.12899/- INR

Here is the embedded reply:

Check out all Nokia 5 specs by clicking here. Check out the hands-on videos of Nokia 5 by clicking here.

Just 15 more days, till you can buy a Nokia 5 in India. Are you purchasing one? Share your answer in the comments below. :)


Nokia Mobile posted this video on Facebook and has officially confirmed the availability date of Nokia 5 and Nokia 6. Nokia 5 will be available from 15th August in retail stores.


  1. The question is how much stock will they have? Just a few units or a steady stock? That will make all the difference :|

    1. Yeah! At start the demand would be very high compared to supply. Few weeks will be needed for cool down. :P


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