Indestructible | Nokia 6 Durability | Scratch Test, Burn Test and Bend Test!!!

Nokia 6 Durability Test

Nokia is back in smartphones and the whole world has gone gaga over it. Nokia phones are known for their robust designs, durability and great build quality. It was obvious, as soon as new Nokia phones will come to market, they will be put to various torture tests to check their durability and build quality. And here we have it, JerryRigEverything on YouTube has done three durability tests on Nokia 6.

Nokia 6 impresses with its scratch resistant screen. The fingerprint scanner and camera are made of glass and are scratch resistant, unlike many other smartphones. The phone is further put to a bend test and this phone is nothing less than a brick. You can check it in the video below:

Source: JerryRigEverything


  1. Wow even more durable than Old 3310 ! Great NOKIA

    1. Haha... Nothing can beat the original Nokia 3310 😜


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