Nokia T20, Nokia G50, Nokia G300 and Nokia X100 are the four upcoming Nokia devices

It's been just a week since Nokia Mobile launched its three new devices and a dozen of audio accessories and now thanks to evleaks, we get to know about the names of four more upcoming Nokia products. The device names are interesting and will definitely raise the eyebrows of many Nokia fans.

As per the tweet, Nokia Mobile is working on four devices Nokia T20, Nokia G50, Nokia G300, and Nokia X100. We know that Nokia T20 will be a tablet as it was just recently spotted on several retailer websites of different countries. Nokia T20 will come equipped with a large 10.36" display, 4 GB, 64GB of built-in storage, and will come in both WiFi and 4G variants. Nokia Mobile has codenamed Nokia T20 as Riddler which is a supervillain from DC Comics.

We have also seen Nokia G50 pop up on retailers in the UK revealing a few of its specifications. As per the listings, Nokia G50 will be a 5G smartphone and come with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM priced at £207 (€239, ₹21220, US$283). The retailer listings also revealed that Nokia G50 will come in Blue and Sand color options. Not much is known about the processor but we should get to know about it with time. Nokia G50 is codenamed "Punisher" based on maybe a character from Marvel comics? Let's see if it stays true to its name. 😉

Nokia G300 and Nokia X100 are the most interesting ones out of the four upcoming Nokia devices and why wouldn't they be? The device names are a big fat leap which itself attracts a lot of attention and the codenames are "Aoki" for Nokia G300 and "Deadmau5" for the Nokia X100. Both Aoki and Deadmau5 are DJ's and Nokia fans will very well remember the year 2011 when Nokia Mobile collaborated with Deadmau5 and the world's best 4D projection artists to celebrate the launch of the Nokia Lumia 800 at Millbank tower in London. This was one big event and if you are new to the Nokia community then I recommend you to definitely watch it once. It was huge and grabbed a lot of attention and Nokia was at just another level back then. Below is the youtube link to this live event.

As both the codenames used are of DJ's could it mean that Nokia Mobile has focused on the audio aspect of the devices this time? OR Is it that Nokia Mobile will switch to DJ names as codenames for all future Nokia devices? Whatever it is, one thing is sure that Nokia G300 and the Nokia X100 will be high-end devices judging by their model names. It is too early to make any guesses but I am expecting these products to launch around September-October and it is quite possible that Nokia X100 will be the device in the hands of James Bond.