Nokia Mobile India starts marketing the new Nokia C, G and X series smartphones. We are getting closer to the official launch

It's time. They are coming to India and the exciting times are back once again after a long silence. The new Nokia C, G and X Series smartphones have just been teased (kind of) by the official Nokia Mobile India's Instagram account.

These three marketing posts from a regional Nokia Mobile page give a clear hint that Nokia Mobile will soon be bringing its new phones to India and that the launch day is not so far. The three posts are for the Nokia C series, G Series and X Series devices and we can now be sure that these new phones are coming soon to India. You can check out the posts below if you haven't already seen them on Instagram.



Nokia C Series targets the entry-level price segment while the G Series will be replacing the now ageing Nokia 2.4, 3.4 and the Nokia 5.4. After the Nokia 7.2, Nokia Mobile hasn't launched any device around ₹20000 price range and currently, Nokia 5.4 is the most expensive Nokia smartphone sold in India. With the X Series, Nokia Mobile will finally fill the space left empty for more than two years and will offer proper mid-range smartphones between ₹15000 to ₹25000 price range.

I am sure most of you reading this will be more excited about the Nokia X10 and the Nokia X20. With the marketing now started for the new smartphones, I believe we can expect the launch of these phones in the second half of this month.

Which new Nokia smartphone excites you the most and which one are you planning to buy? Tell us in the comments below. :)