Nokia 125 and Nokia 150 (2020) feature phones coming soon

Nokia Mobile is about to refresh its entry-level feature phone line up which hasn't been refreshed for quite some time now. The upcoming entry-level Nokia feature phones could be called Nokia 125 and Nokia 150.

The above info was shared by Roland Quandt of on Twitter and we can trust him for the information he shared. Check his tweet below:

He also shared the model numbers of both these phones. Nokia 125 is TA-1253 and the Nokia 150 is TA-1235. He also said that these new entry-level phones will be launched soon. I am not sure what exactly will these phones bring but I am excited to see some new phones being launched to refresh the now dull-looking entry-level feature phone line up.

Judging by the name, Nokia 125 should sit below the Nokia 150 in terms of price as well as specs. Nokia 150 might be the 2020 version of the original Nokia 150 launched back in December 2016. There will surely be some design changes and more colour options to choose from.

New additions to the feature phone line up will give buyers a lot more option and help Nokia Mobile gain the market share. What do you think will these Nokia 125 and Nokia 150 be like? Share your thoughts in the comments below. If you have more info about these devices then share that as well.