Didn't get Android 10 on your Nokia 9 PureView? Nokia Mobile is investigating the matter

Nokia Mobile had rolled out the Android 10 update for its Nokia 9 PureView a few months ago on 10th December 2019. Initially, the update was reported being received by many Nokia 9 PureView users in some European countries. However, the update wasn't pushed to Nokia 9 PureView in India and many other countries.

Several users on the Community Forum as well as on Twitter have asked about the situation of Android 10 update for their Nokia 9 PureView and when they will receive it but didn't get any helpful answers until now.

Today, in a reply to a user asking about the availability of Android 10 update for his Nokia 9 PureView in India, Juho Sarvikas said it is weird as the update should be available in India and asked Pranav Shroff who is the General Manager of Global Portfolio and Product Planning at HMD Global to look into this matter.

Soon, Pranav Shroff replied saying the team has been informed to investigate this further. It seems there might have been some technical error which went unnoticed and stopped the update rollout. However, Nokia 9 PureView users can now relax as HMD Global is aware of the situation and is taking necessary actions so that the Android 10 update can be pushed to the remaining devices all around the world.

We will update this post when we find more info regarding the situation. Hopefully, the issue will be fixed soon and we all will get to use the Android 10 on our Nokia 9 PureView very soon. Stay tuned for the update.