Nokia Mobile to launch new phones on 5th December 2019

Nokia Mobile is all set to expand its Nokia smartphone family and has started teasing its upcoming launch event on all of its social media channels. The newest member to join the Nokia smartphone family will be launched on 5th December 2019. 

If we consider this short clip as a hint then we should expect a device that's durable and can survive some outdoor adventures with you. This could be a hint at long battery life. 

We don't know which new smartphone will be launched but if recent leaks and rumours are taken into account then there's a strong chance that we might see the Nokia 2.3. Nokia 2.2 was launched almost 6 months ago and now that most brands are refreshing their low to mid-range devices in a very short time it wouldn't be a surprise to see Nokia 2.3 being unveiled at this event.

Nokia 8.1 was launched on the exact same day in 2018. So, there is also a possibility that we might see the rumoured Nokia 8.2 being launched at this event. Only time will tell.

We are just two weeks away until we find out what Nokia Mobile has in store for us. So, stay tuned :)