UPDATED | Nokia Taishan, Trochilus and Eagles spotted on FIH Server

Nokia Taishan TAS spotted
Nokia Taishan TAS

Nokia TAS has been spotted once again on the FIH server and this time the name has been changed to Taishan from the earlier Taisun. The metadata also reveals that it is on the latest March Security patch. No other information is available about this upcoming Nokia smartphone.

Nokia Trochilus ANT spotted
Nokia Trochilus ANT

Two more Nokia smartphones codenamed Trochilus (ANT aka Antman) and Eagles (EAG) have also been spotted on the FIH server. Before your brain starts overthinking, I would clarify that Trochilus is Nokia 1 Plus and we can confirm it as the codename ANT is mentioned in the metadata. One interesting thing we found from the metadata is, Nokia 1 Plus does not have A and B system partitions. A/B partitions allow the system to keep running while the update is being installed in the background and just requires a normal reboot to finish the installation. This will not be possible on the Nokia 1 Plus, just like Nokia 1, 2, 2.1, 3, 5 and 6 as they have only one slot (A only).

Nokia Eagles EAG spotted
Nokia Eagles EAG

Nokia Eagles is a new device spotted for the first time and no other info about the phone is known at the moment apart from it running on the latest March security patch. 

We don't know anything about the Taishan and Eagles as of now but these two devices could be the already released Nokia 3.2 and Nokia 4.2 just like the Trochilus (ANT) is Nokia 1 Plus. There is also a possibility of these two devices being the upcoming Nokia 5.2 and the Nokia 6.2 which will be launched sometime in future.


As per the information we received from an internal source, Nokia Eagles (EAG) is supposedly heading to the US and will be available from AT&T. The source also revealed that Nokia EAG is an upcoming new Nokia smartphone which removes the possibility of it being the Nokia 3.2 or Nokia 4.2 which we earlier thought it might be. This means it could be any one of the Nokia 5.2 or Nokia 6.2 which should be launched in the coming months but this is just my assumption and we will have to wait to know what this new device will be.