New Camera features and a bug in Nokia 7 plus after the November Security patch

Nokia Mobile rolled out the November Android Security patch for the Nokia 7 plus. The update was rolled out last month but due to some reason, it was pulled back and later the update was pushed again at the start of December. This is the update we all Nokia 7 plus owners were waiting for as it fixed many bugs that appeared after the Android Pie update.

The update was big at 462.8MB in size and brought the November Android Security patch along with many bug fixes. The update changelog didn't mention any new features being added but we just found out that Nokia Mobile added a couple of new camera features in the Dual Sight mode. So, let's take a look at these two new features:

1. Infinitely Adjust

The first feature is the "Infinitely Adjust" which allows adjusting the space taken by the Front and Rear Facing camera in the Bothie/Dual Sight mode by using the slider at the centre. As you can see in the GIF above, Infinitely Adjust feature allows us to resize the space taken by front and rear camera in the viewfinder while shooting Bothies with the Dual Sight mode. We can now also zoom in from both the cameras while in the Dual Sight mode. This is a very neat feature which will give users more control over what they want to show or focus more while sharing both sides of their story. 

Below are two screenshots showing the different proportions of the Rear camera and the front camera in the Viewfinder. The viewfinder of the rear camera is on the left and that of the front camera is on the right side.

2. Twice Shot/You Decide

Another new feature for Dual Sight Mode is Twice Shot OR You Decide which is interesting as well as very useful. Normally while capturing Bothies you just hit the shutter button and Nokia Camera captures the images from both front and rear cameras at the same time. But this new feature changes it all and gives users the control of what to capture in the second shot and when to capture it. 

In Twice Shot mode you have to click two pictures so first, you have to select with which camera you will be capturing the 2nd image. Once done you just have to click the first Image (Viewfinder Marked as 1) and then you can take your time to frame a perfect shot for the second Image (Viewfinder Marked 2). Once done with framing and creating a perfect moment just tap the shutter button again to capture the shot and Nokia Camera will stitch both images to create a perfect Bothie. 

Twice Shot or You Decide feature allows users to decide what to capture in the second shot and then attaches the images taken from both cameras to make it a Bothie. So, you can now take a selfie with the front camera but the rear cam won't click a picture instantly. It gives you time to decide what you want to capture in the second shot.

Twice Shot Toggle in the Dual Sight Mode

Twice Shot turned ON in the Dual Sight Mode

Nokia Mobile is focussed on improving the photography experience along with creating memories. But, there are still many improvements which need to be made to further improve the camera experience on current Nokia smartphones and I hope Nokia Mobile listens to the feedback given by the users.

One of our readers informed us about a bug in the camera app which appeared after the November Security Patch. This bug doesn't allow to choose different watermarks even after the watermark option is enabled in the Camera settings but after clicking the picture a default (NOKIA | ZEISS) watermark is applied at the bottom left corner. We checked it on both of our Nokia 7 plus units and also asked many other 7 plus owners and everyone is facing this same bug. We hope Nokia Mobile will fix this small bug as fast as possible. 

What do you think about Infinitely Adjust and Twice Shot modes? Do you like them? Do share your thoughts in the comments below. If you are facing some other bugs on your Nokia 7 plus share them as well. :)