[UPDATE] Exclusive | Nokia 9 PureView code-named "Olympic", now runs on Android 9 Pie

Nokia 9 PureView is was one of the most anticipated phones of 2018 (we might have to wait until 2019 to see it). Rumours also say that it will be the most interesting phone from Nokia in the past 5 years. No surprises there, since it carries those five cameras, cutting-edge tech like in-display fingerprint scanner etc.

We now also know that the ex-employees who were working under the imaging division of Nokia are now a part of HMD Global's team. Nokia Anew went even a step ahead by saying that Nokia 9 PureView will begin a "New era of PureView"

Nokia 9 PureView codenamed Olympic

It has been a while now since we came to know that Nokia 9 PureView was called as AOP internally. It was also spotted in the FIH update server. Now, from the metadata of the same FIH server, we have found that Nokia 9 PureView runs Android 9 Pie (Build number: 00CN_4_030) with November security patch. Note that this is a test device of the Chinese variant and not the final retail version.

Another interesting thing which we have come to know for the first time is that the codename of Nokia 9 PureView (AOP) is Olympic, revealed by the same metadata from the FIH OTA Server. Here's a screenshot of the metadata:

Olympic Rings

As we all know, the Olympic symbol has five rings in it and Nokia 9 PureView has five cameras at the back. We believe this might have been the reason for codenamed, "Olympic". We'll keep you updated if we find any new info on this. So stay tuned!


1. Here is the screenshot of the metadata:

2. Olympic in Chinese is known as "奥林匹克", it's Pinyin is "ao lin pi ke"(Thanks to Hikari Calyx for the translation). This gives the link between Olympic and AOP.