Watch people react to the Nokia 8110 4G

It's The Banana Phone

Nokia Mobile just uploaded two new videos on their youtube channel and both the videos are about the Nokia 8110 4G. To be more precise, the videos show the people from different continents react to the Nokia 8110 4G and the videos are very lively.

I enjoyed watching both the videos and it was fun to see people get surprised, struck by nostalgia and get excited at the same time. It was fun to watch people wondering how to pick up a phone call on the Nokia 8110 4G. 😂(You just need to slide) People were also surprised by the features on the Nokia 8110 4G like Google Maps, Google Assistant and its long battery back up.

I won't reveal much although I think I have revealed almost everything that will happen in the video.😅 The videos are divided into two parts with each part having people from different countries. Part 2 is in English and Part 1 is in other European languages but Nokia Mobile has added captions to remove the language barrier allowing us to understand the video.

Watch both the videos and feel the excitement yourself.😉

Part 1

Part `2