Zero Flex Phone | Nokia 6.1 passes the Durability test (Scratch, Burn and Bend test) with ease.

Nokia 6.1 Durability test

Last year, Zack from JerryRigEverything crowned Nokia 6 as the most Durable smartphone of 2017 and it seems this year the crown will be passed on to its successor i.e. the Nokia 6.1. Zack performed a durability test on Nokia 6.1 and the phone went through all his torture treatments with ease.

As always, he started with the Scratch test where Nokia 6.1 with its Gorilla Glass 3 protected front did well. The front camera and Nokia logo sit under the glass and are protected from scratches. The rear camera is also protected by the glass at the top which protects the camera from scratches. 

He further did the burn test where the IPS display of Nokia 6.1 recovered in few seconds. Next, came the bend test and Nokia 6.1 showed Zero signs of flex/bend proving its great build quality and also giving the title for this post.😜

Check out the Nokia 6.1 Durability test in the video below.