Nokia 3310 - Leaders Ti Royal Diamond | This is the Most Expensive Nokia 3310 in the world.

With the return of Nokia to the smartphone market in 2017, we also saw the return of an iconic mobile phone in the form of Nokia 3310 (2017). HMD Global revived the legendary Nokia 3310 which was 1st launched by Nokia in 2002 by relaunching the Nokia 3310 (2017) in a new avatar. Later that year, we saw a luxury version of Nokia 3310 (2017) designed and being sold for 99,000 Russian Rubles by the Russian company, Caviar.

At that time, it was probably the most expensive Nokia 3310 in the world but now designers at Caviar have introduced many new luxurious versions of the iconic Nokia 3310 which are even more expensive than the Nokia 3310 - Supremo Putin edition. The most expensive of all is the Nokia 3310 - Leaders Ti Royal Diamond Edtion which costs a whopping 16,00,000 Russian Rubles which translates to 25,000 USD OR 16,72,203 lakh Indian Rupees.

The phone is dedicated to the Queen of England - Elizabeth II and is entirely made out of premium materials. The entire body of the phone is made out of Titanium and the front of the phone is covered with 215 Diamonds surrounding the screen. The back of the device has a circular portrait of the Queen which is Double Gold plated and is surrounded by 77 Diamonds. Below it is a Double Gold plated template with a line from the National Anthem of the UK "God save the Queen"

"Exclusive history of luxury Caviar ready to tell the Queen of England! Especially for Elizabeth II, to pay tribute to her personality and get her royal confirmation that Caviar is a gift worthy of the queen, the phone "Black Russian. Royal "with a portrait of Her Majesty. The basis of the phone's design is a special granular titanium case, its relief and texture resembling black caviar - an expensive Russian food, a delicacy that can be equated to the symbols of prosperity and prosperity. And the key elements of the design is the voluminous profile of the Queen, repeating the one depicted on the coins, complemented by lush royal wood ornaments and diamonds, as well as the phone is decorated with a plaque with the lines from the UK hymn "God Save the Queen" (God save the Queen). The front side of the phone dazzles not only the golden frame around the screen, but also the brilliance of diamonds! In total, the phone is decorated with 215 diamonds. Most recently, the dynasty of Windsor, to which Elizabeth II belongs, celebrated a centenary. This phone is an embodied confirmation that Caviar is a royal gift." reads the product description.

You can check the phone by clicking the source link below.

Source: Caviar